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I am a director of  “Business Class”  School of Business English.

I started to learn English in a language school in 1994 and first went to Great Britain in 1998.
I started to teach English since 2001.
In  2003  I graduated from Novosibirsk State Transport University. My major was World Economy and Law, specialization – Manager of Foreign Economic Affairs.
Since  2003 till now I have studied in Moscow as well as in many cities in UK in order to be able to teach English as a foreign language
in compliance with the World standards (TKT, CELTA, FCBET).

In  2004 I started to teach in “Business Class” . At that time there were only 10 students in the school.
I am also a practicing manager of overseas business in one of the major production enterprises in Novosibirsk.  This gives me a great opportunity to combine theory and practice of Business English.

At present I study in Leeds Metropolitan University (England) - MA in Professional Development for Language Education.
What is English Language for me? My mission?
My business? More likely it is a part of  me, my best part which gives me an opportunity to be a personality and help others to grow professionally.
My plans for the future are to
expand my school, create new interesting linguistic projects, improve my qualifications, share knowledge and skills, teach and learn.
Special thanks to the best teacher of English Anetta Bondarenko  –  the person who played a great role in my professional life.



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